The only non-profit escape room of Copenhagen!

Come over with your friends and use your skills to solve our enigma while funding our projects in Africa :D



We are proud to introduce our mystery solving experience, and the very first non-profit of its kind. Come over with your friends and try to solve the mysterious disappearance of Prof. Isaak Wylde. You will have to use your brains, your senses and your communication skills to figure out the solution to our enigma! By doing so, you will support development projects in Africa (read further for more details)

This experience is designed for small groups, and makes a fantastic and original plan for couples, team building for companies or for your music band, or just for the fun of it - the recipe for success is diverse mindsets and good communication. Do you have what it takes?

What is an escape room?

A escape room is, basically, a room from which you have to escape (duh!). Now, the way to escape consists usually in solving puzzles, finding codes, putting clues together, observing details and finally cracking your way out of the room - but you have limited time to do so! Our escape rooms are heavily based on hint interpretation, so you’ll have to use your intelligences (yes, we have more than one).





220.00 DKK



270.00 DKK



300.00 DKK


The escape room benefits our newest project, Café Retro Kigali. The café will support Root Foundation, our Rwandan partner organization that has been educating street children since 2014. The new café will allow Root Foundation to give street children job training, while also providing income for their outreach programs in new neighborhoods. This means that when you pay to play the escape room, almost all of the money goes completely to this new project (except for replacing equipment here and there.) Thank you for playing and helping us get closer to opening the new café in Rwanda!


I agree to use the facilities in Retro Café with care. Retro Café reserves all rights to seek indemnification should there is any deliberate attempt to cause damage of the tools, equipments and layout. I also understand that Retro Café may terminate the game at any time should any of the participants declined to abide by the “House Rules” or follow the instructions of Retro Café employees. Should this occur, there will be no refund of fees, full or partial, allowed.